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Token Information

Token Contract Address: 0x30aee7f259d6d1564ebef457847c672b30f13cbc

Decimals: 0

Token Symbol: DOM

Project Brief

Originally conceived by experienced domain name broker Ryan Colby as a more liquid, secondary marketplace for domain names, talks with Embermine CEO James Drake eventually resulted in an acquisition and an expansion upon the initial idea.

Rather than focusing entirely on the familiar name space of well-established DNS, Domain Token provides a user-managed name assignment application that can allow a User to assign, or “activate,” a Domain Token (DOM) to resolve to an existing address in a communication/connection protocol such as DNS, email address, digital wallet, or cloud storage. The linkages between various domains are verified if the intangible asset in question, such as a keypair wallet or a domain, are in fact owned by the individual; for example, only the true owner of can activate a Domain Token for

This application will be readily available to Embermine Entities so they can manage their domain assets for themselves or their projects.

The purpose of this is to give individuals more granular control over their domains across a variety of protocols.