One Address.

All your Assets.


Liquid Marketplace

Cryptographically Verifiable Security and Certainty

Bridge Existing and Future Address Technologies

Ease of Asset Management

Multi-Modal Domain Resolution

Project Brief

Domain Token is a multi-communication protocol management token that will provide singular and fully customizable addressing for all forms of electronic addressing and routing.

By utilizing encryption and a sophisticated but easy-to-manage interface, users can manage the secure electronic routing of all communication to one verifiable digital address that is both transparent and private.

When someone claims a Domain Token, he or she gives it a “name.” That name is fused to that token and becomes “active.” Active tokens are a separate designation for the token as it can still be traded, sold, or freely given, but they are forever designated to that particular name and all protocols assigned to it route only to that name.

One could claim a Domain Token for “XYZ” after which anyone using the address “XYZ” will see their payment (eg. cryptocurrency), email, web address, or whatever they were using it for, resolve to send to and ONLY to “XYZ.” Context is key. No misspelling traps. No worry about HTTPS since it is encrypted by default. No ability for someone to capture and reroute the information.

To start, the technology will be native and work throughout any Embermine Platform project, page, or program. This Platform is designed with its own verifiable identity schema and asset management system which are integral for a stable framework. We are currently in talks with several TLDs to incorporate DNS natively with it, allowing email and Voice over IP functionality. The goal is to become a bridge name space technology rather than a new design incompatible with existing structures.

Where does it sit between classic DNS and the new DNS systems like ENS or NameCoin?

Rather than act as simply a more liquid secondary marketplace for domain names (which is a valid use case of the technology and Ryan Colby’s original idea) or affixing understandable names to Ethereum addresses like ENS, DOM is intended to bridge both worlds of domain name resolution. The reality is that the old DNS system is so ingrained in our processes and widespread user experience that to just proceed to create a new universe operating entirely on its own rules would severely hinder adoption by businesses and consumers. The goal of DomainToken is to bridge both worlds in a highly contextual protocol.

Multi-Modal Domain Resolution

Blockchain and other shared ledger technologies not only allow for liquidity of intangible assets, but also allow for provably rare and/or scarce assets. Since a DOM token can be activated as a bridge token to a domain and a signifier, one could use a specific asset in one’s wallet to resolve the domain. This allows for a domain and its points of entry to not be confined to name and IP address, but broadened to a cluster of verifiable asset keys. This allows for more granular control of domain access. For example, only individuals with a particular creative asset, like a song, could access a certain domain. This level of contextual access can help improve security and privacy of name spaces and their applications.